Giving Back and Supporting Our Country's Future

John Syron started The Syron Foundation as a way to give back and make a substantial difference in the lives of children across America. He has pledged its ongoing support in both financial and volunteering endeavors. 

The Syron Foundation's objective is to help children in need, fostering creativity, innovation, and artistic expression, and providing support to programs which safeguard, engage and inspire children throughout the world.

The latest Syron Foundation project is Hope Ranch. Hope Ranch will be the world's first and foremost multidisciplinary center for the research and treatment of families dealing with autism. SF Hope Ranch will support entire families spending several days at the center with all members of the family participating in all sorts of activities and therapies under the supervision of experts in the various therapies. Equestrian, Swimming, Music, Canoeing, Dancing, are all activities that will be enjoyed by families, in a fun and relaxing environment.  Each family will spend time with doctors, therapists, and nutritionists discussing all aspects of treatment methodology. The Syron Foundation plans to cover all costs for this center.


The Syron Foundation has also pledged its support to the development and execution of educational programs, under the stewardship of Chanti Niven, to foster and develop vital communication and social skills among our youth. John Syron believes that these are critical to success and by supporting such an endeavor is investing in the growth and development of our future generation.